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8 Tips for Choosing a Contractor

May 14, 2024
man standing infront of miter saw


Ask to see completed projects from more than two years ago to see how their work holds up. Are the curves of the project cut in a way that minimizes large gaps? Are small or awkward cuts minimized? Have edge restraints been used and are they still in place? How long does the contractor guarantee their work? Has there been a warranty claim filed against the company in the past two years?


Some contractors will hire other companies to perform parts of the work, like lighting and irrigation. Be sure to ask how these sub-contractors will be managed or vetted.


How long has the contractor been installing pavers and walls? Has the contractor installed projects in the past with the features you’re considering?


What are the contractor’s base preparation methods? What materials are used and why? Is there a standard procedure for base preparation or will the contractor assess your site’s unique needs?


How far in advance are projects being booked and how long might your project take? What are the contractor’s payment terms? Do they require a deposit upfront to secure the timing of the project?


Does the contractor have the proper licensing for their work? Does the contractor have liability insurance and are employees covered by Workers Compensation? Will permits be required for the job and if so, who is responsible to secure them?


Do you like this contractor? Can you trust them? Can you easily communicate and understand each other? Will the person you’re meeting be on site throughout the project or will someone else be your day-to-day point of contact? Contact references to help understand how your contractor will operate throughout a project.


Do they offer a design service? What is the cost for this? Do they offer hand-drawn or 3D-rendered concept designs? Are the contractor’s designs something you would like for your project?

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