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Should I Repair or Replace My Deck?

June 9, 2023
Decks and Patios

A deck is the perfect place for family gatherings, neighborhood barbeques, and overall

relaxation. It can be a centerpiece for outdoor recreation on beautiful summer days and can help create memories that last a lifetime. But there may come a time when you ask yourself, "this deck has been here for many years. Does it need any repairs or even replaced?" There are warning signs that your deck will show you when it is time for a repair or a replacement. And if those signs are present, then it is important to have a plan to either repair the deck or replace it.

Clear Signs Your Deck Needs Repaired or Replaced

1. Fasteners Popping

If you see screws or nails popping up out of the wooden boards, this is a sign that

they are dried out and have started to splinter. This is caused over time by exposure to the sun and can cause the boards to become loose and potentially break, making the deck unsafe to anyone walking on it.

2. Soft Spots

If you see spots in the deck that have a dark brown or green color, this is a sign

that the boards are rotting, especially if you can scrape out the spots. Mold and moisture are the culprits for these spots and can lead to someone falling through the rotted wood.

3. Trampoline Test

This is a simple test you can do by standing in the middle of your deck and

jumping. If you can feel it has a bouncing feeling similar to a trampoline, this is a sign that the frame underneath the surface of the deck has dried, cracked, or even rotted boards.

If you see any of these signs, we recommend contacting a professional inspector to

assess your deck and determine if there are any safety issues, if some simple repairs can be done to avoid further damage, or if it needs to be replaced altogether.

Steps to Replacing the Deck

1. Have a Plan

The inspector has told you that your deck needs to be completely replaced. Now

what? The first step is to begin a plan to replace the deck. We can help you in this phase of the planning. Contact us for a consultation!

2. Approve the Plan

Once you have the plans drawn up for the deck's replacement, they need to be

approved by your local municipality. Most municipalities won't let a safety hazard left standing for very long, so it's important to have these plans approved before beginning the project so there's no risk of receiving a violation.

3. Properly Dispose of the Materials

Before the replacement can begin being built, the old deck needs to be torn

down. Because the building materials have been deemed unsafe, they need to be disposed of properly. Pressure-treated lumber has many harmful chemicals in it that should not be handled for too long or burned, and rusted nails or bolts can be harmful not only to your body, but also to the environment. The safest and most efficient way to dispose of the materials from the old deck is to rent a dumpster. The hazardous boards and fasteners will be safely disposed of and the process will be much safer for you and anyone else helping in the demolition stage.

Are you needing your deck replaced? We can help you imagine, design, and build your

replacement. Contact us to get started and to get back to enjoying your outdoor space!